AGV Mugello 2015 helmet

Valentino Rossi ‘Yellow Energy’ helmet (Mugello 2015)

Valentino Rossi at Mugello 2015

Location: Mugello, Italy

Date: Sunday May 31, 2015

Race position: 3rd

You know the drill by now – when the Mugello MotoGP comes round everyone expects Valentino Rossi to produce a special one-off helmet design for the event, and he never disappoints. Rossi has produced some stunning and memorable helmet designs for the Italian MotoGP, including My Face, Hands On Head, Icon, The Heart, and many more.

Valentino’s Mugello helmet designs usually contain a message to the fans, and in 2015 he went for a tribute to the Italian spectators at Mugello who flock in huge numbers to cheer Rossi and the other Italian riders on (….but mostly Rossi).

The helmet has since become known as the ‘Mirror’ or the ‘Yellow Energy’ design and it was created to show the energy that Valentino gets from his fans, and how it increases over the course of the race weekend.

Designed by Aldo Drudi the helmet featured a reflective chrome top which looked stunning as it reflected the Italian sunshine. This mirror effect was created to symbolically reflect the charge he gets from the fans.

valentino rossi mirror helmet

The sides of the helmet featured blue and white solar panels, and the rear of the helmet featured an energy gauge that went from red (at the lowest) all the way up to green and eventually yellow for maximum energy. Each level of the energy bars corresponded to each of the sessions over the course of the race weekend (e.g. red for the first free practice, all the way up to yellow at the top for race day). See the graphic below detailing the energy levels that were featured:

AGV Mugello 2015 helmet

The right hand side of the helmet has the words ‘Energia Rinnovabile’ around the edges of the visor, which roughly translates as ‘renewable energy’, and the left hand side of the helmet has the words ‘Yellow Energy’ on the rim of the visor.

Valentino Rossi said:

“We made this helmet because the energy of fans penetrates it and pushes me even harder. I’ll try to use every ounce of it”

Images from the Mugello MotoGP:

Here is what AGV had to say about the new Valentino Rossi Pista GP helmet design:

“During a typical race weekend, ‘The Doctor’s’ energy level steadily rises until attaining its peak in time for Sunday’s race. To represent this phenomenon, the rear of his 2015 Mugello helmet reflects six different energy levels, beginning with the bright red of the first free practice and advancing session by session to the maximum level—Vale’s signature yellow—just in time for him to line up on the starting grid.”

“On its right side, the helmet features the Italian words Energia Rinnovabile (“Renewable Energy”), along with a “recycling” icon surrounding Rossi’s No. 46. The helmet’s left side displays the words “Yellow Energy” and the paw-prints of Valentino’s pets—dogs Cesare and Camilla, and cat Rossano. The chin guard provides an additional energy boost through blue solar panels.”

Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi 2015 Mugello helmet:

The race itself saw Jorge Lorenzo take an early lead that was never challenged and he won by a margin of over five seconds. The Italian fans had plenty to celebrate though as Andrea Iannone put his Ducati into second place and Valentino Rossi secured third place following a thrilling fightback after he found himself bumped back to 11th place on the opening lap.

Where can I buy it?:
AGV have released a beautiful replica of Valentino Rossi’s ‘Yellow Energy’ helmet in their Corsa range. To find out where to buy it head over to our Product Page.