Valentino Rossi 2016 yellow cap

Valentino Rossi VR46 Monster Energy Sponsors Baseball Cap Official 2016 (Yellow)

Valentino Rossi 2016 yellow cap

Right, this is going straight into our shopping basket – this is the new Valentino Rossi MotoGP baseball cap in yellow.

This is the new version of Rossi’s baseball cap that he first wore during the tense pre-season race conference, where Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez all came face-to-face for the first time since the dramatic events at the end of the 2015 MotoGP season, and it was met with huge approval from fans who went straight to twitter to ask where they could buy one.

The hat attracted a lot of attention – probably because pretty much the entire cap is in bright yellow (aside from the sponsor logos), making it a very eye-catching piece of merchandise..

Valentino Rossi press conference

The good news is that this cap is now available on general sale for you to buy online (we have provided links below).

The cap is bright yellow all over, aside from under the peak which is black with a small. The green Monster Energy logo sits at the front, and there is a small black VR46 logo stitched into the left-hand side of the peak. The sides features the number ’46’ and the Yamaha logos. Very nice indeed.

Official Description:
Valentino Rossi VR46 Dual Monster Energy Monza Replica Cap Official, part of this season’s Dual Monster Energy range. Sponsor cap of 2016 Moto GP season, which Vale wears every time he appears on TV. It’s in chin cotton. The front size shows an embroidered Monster claw and a little VR46 on the peak. On both sides a number 46 and Yamaha graphic. This item is perfect for any Rossi fans wanting to show their support this season!

Image gallery of the new Valentino Rossi yellow MotoGP cap:

Okay, so where can you buy this new Valentino Rossi hat? Check the links below to see where it is available and in stock:

Check out the Valentino Rossi 2016 Yellow MotoGP cap at Amazon
Check out the Valentino Rossi 2016 Yellow MotoGP cap at