Valentino Rossi Pista GP Soleluna 2016

Valentino Rossi Pista GP Soleluna 2016

Valentino Rossi MotoGP 2016

At the start of the 2016 MotoGP season Valentino Rossi revealed his new helmet design for 2016 at Qatar.

For the past few seasons Valentino Rossi had been racing with the same helmet design, the SoleLuna, which was a popular design based on Vale’s recurring Sun and Moon motif. His new helmet design was Rossi’s first update to this design in three years, and it is a bold and geometric take on the original SoleLuna design.

new pista rossi helmet

Created by long-time Valentino Rossi collaborator Aldo Drudi for Vale’s AGV Pista GP helmet, the design kept the basic SoleLuna layout, with the Sun at the front of the helmet radiating sun-rays back to the rear where they intersect with a crescent Moon. The difference in this new variant on the design for 2016 is the colours and shapes used for the detail of the helmet.

The new design is packed full of bright colours and even had some new colours not usually seen on a Valentino Rossi helmet – such as neon pink/fuschia. The rays of the sun that flow from the front to the rear of the helmet feature geometric shapes for the first time on a Valentino Rossi SoleLuna helmet. The shapes used are circles, squares, and triangles – AGV have stated that these have been chosen specifically as they represent Vale’s quest for prefection. Going way back into history to the time of Archimedes, these symbols have been analogous to the search for perfection and precision, traits that Valentino needs in order to compete at the highest level in MotoGP, in one of the strongest field of riders ever to line up on a MotoGP gird.

Either side of the chin features Rossi’s iconic race number ’46’, and the Monster Energy logo is positioned in the center of the chin.

Valentino Rossi Pista GP Soleluna 2016

It’s a beautiful looking helmet and it adds new splashes of colour that are uncommon to previous Valentino Rossi helmets.

Image Gallery of the Valentino Rossi Pista GP Soleluna 2016:

Expect replicas of this helmet to come out around November 2016 onwards.