Valentino Rossi 2001 500cc Videos

2001 saw Valentino Rossi dominate the 500cc Grand Prix season on his Honda NSR500 winning a total of 11 races during the course of the season. Despite being in formidable form, Rossi had strong competition in the shape of Max Biaggi, with both riders pushing each other to the limits of their racing abilities. We’ve collected the highlights of the 500cc Grand Prix season below.


Videos of Valentino Rossi’s 2001 500cc season: 


Valentino Rossi Vs Max Biaggi, Suzuka, Japan 2001:

One of the most famous incidents in motorcycle Grand Prix racing in recent years was the clash between Max Biaggi and Valentino Rossi at Suzuka in Japan in 2001. During the race Max Biaggi appears to elbow Valentino Rossi off the track as Rossi attempts to overtake him on the outside – Rossi manages to keep his Honda under control despite running off the edge of the track but lost both time and places. Rossi eventually manages to overtake Biaggi, but flips the finger at him over his shoulder as they both lean into a turn travellng at over 130mph. Rossi went on to win the race. We’ve got the video highlights below of Rossi Vs Biaggi in 2001. Enjoy.



Valentino Rossi at Donington 2001:

Rossi scored his second consecutive victory at Donington in 2001 after starting from 11th on the grid. This was a classic Rossi victory. Watch video highlights of Valentino Rossi’s 500cc Donington Park race below: