Valentino Rossi ‘Give Us A Hand’ helmet (Misano 2014)

Valentino Rossi Misano MotoGP 2014

Location: Misano, Italy

Date: Sunday September 14th, 2014

Race Position: 1st

Misano is only a short distance from Tavullia, Valentino Rossi’s home town, so the track has a special meaning for Rossi and his legion of fans, many of whom walk to the track on race day in a huge procession with his official fan-club.

Every year Valentino reveals a new helmet design for the race, and past designs have included fan favorites like ‘Wish You Were Here‘ Marco Simoncelli tribute, the Wake Up helmet, The Donkey helmet, and the WTF! design.

For 2014 Valentino had a helmet design that was intended as a tribute to Misano, and a tribute to the important people in his life who help him in his career and give him a helping hand. The helmet has become known as the ‘Give Us A Hand’ helmet, or ‘Misano Helps You’.

The design of the ‘Give Us A Hand’ helmet showed off a different colour scheme than that seen on the usual Rossi helmets – the helmet had a bright sky-blue background, which was then covered with fluorescent blue, white, orange, and red hand-prints.

AGV Rossi Misano 2014 helmet

The hand-prints were from key people in Rossi’s life and it included prints from his close friends and from his mechanics. The chin of the helmet also has kiss marks on either side from the two main women in Valentino’s life – his mother Stefania and his girlfriend Linda.

Rossi usually features a cartoon of his bulldogs and cat on the rear of his helmet designs, but this was changed for the Misano 2014 helmet and instead it featured the paw prints of his dogs Cesare and Cecilia, and one from his cat Rossano.

This helmet is also notable for featuring the thumbprint of Aldo Drudi. Aldo Drudi has been the designer behind all of Valentino’s helmets and his distinct style is all over them, but this is the first time that he has literally made his mark on one of Valentino’s helmets. Drudi’s thumbprint can be seen on the right-hand side above the corner of the visor.

Around the base of the helmet is printed the phrase “Misano ci dà una mano”. This phrase is from an Italian advert and eventually became a well-know phrase, roughly translated it means ‘Misano give us a hand’ or more simply ‘Misano helps you’.

Video of Valentino Rossi discussing his special helmets with a focus on the 2014 Misano ‘Hands’ helmet:

More video views of Valentino’s Misano helmet:

Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi ‘Give Us A Hand’ helmet from Misano (2014):

The ‘helping hands’ certainly had an effect as Rossi went on to win the race 1.578s ahead of Jorge Lorenzo, giving him his first victory since Assen 2013. The victory also marked Valentino’s 81st victory in the premier class.

Valentino Rossi said:

I’m very happy for sure because it’s very special to win here in Misano in front of all the crowd and my family and friends. I’m very proud,” said Rossi afterward. “I made it five years after the last time here, in the same way, fighting with Jorge. During the practice it looked like our Yamaha worked very well so we had a small advantage. I tried to the maximum and so I knew we could fight for victory, I knew for sure I would have to battle with Dani and Jorge and Marc. I tried to push from the start and at the end it was great to have the win more than one year later from my last. I always work hard and never give up and trust that days like this can happen. I have to say thank you to Yamaha, to all my team, to all my friends and all the crowd who support me, especially here in Misano.”

Where can I buy it?:
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