Valentino Rossi mugello 2014

Valentino Rossi “Di Vale” pasta helmet (Mugello 2014)

Valentino Rossi “Di Vale” pasta helmet (Mugello 2014)
Location: Mugello, Italy

Date: Sunday 1st June, 2014

Race Position: 3rd

The 2014 Mugello MotoGP was an intense affair, one that saw Marc Marquez emerge as the eventual winner after a thrilling duel with Jorge Lorenzo that saw both Spaniards swapping places in a strong fight that lasted over a number of laps.

Despite starting from 10th on the grid, home-hero Valentino Rossi put on an exciting show early on and battled his way to take third position much to the delight of the Italian fans who had seen Rossi suffer from his fair share of misfortune at Mugello over the last few seasons – the noise of the crowd for the podium was deafening when The Doctor took his place on the rostrum. This was Valentino Rossi’s first podium at Mugello for five years, which was very unusual, especially given how he dominated Mugello and made it his own for many years between 2002 and 2008.

There are a few things you can always depend on for the Mugello MotoGP – a stunning and beautiful setting, some of the most passionate MotoGP fans in the world, great racing……and a new Valentino Rossi helmet design.

Valentino used to Mugello MotoGP to create a uniquely Italian helmet with a clear message to any of his doubters or critics

valentio Rossi Mugello MotoGP 2014

The helmet:
The new helmet design that Valentino unveiled has become known as the ‘Pasta’ helmet, or ‘Pasta di Vale’.

Valentino Rossi and his designer Aldo Drudi came up with a helmet design that is a spoof on a well-known Italian pasta brand. The helmet was made to look like the packaging of a popular Italian pasta product, right down to the colouring and even the name – ‘Di Vale’ was the name the Rossi gave to his fake pasta brand depicted on his Mugello helmet, a name not unlike the actual brand they were using as inspiration.

Di Vale Pasta

The helmet was covered in an image of Rigatoni pasta making it look like a box of pasta, and the crown of the helmet served as the label which featured the name ‘Di Vale’ in large letters with wheat-sheaves on either side like rustic pasta label. The label also showed an image of the Casanova and Savelli corners of the Mugello track, two of Valentino’s favorite corners for overtaking.

Di Vale helmet

The label extended to the rear of the helmet and listed the ingredients as helmet, rider, and pasta are “Made in Tavullia” and are certified authentic Italian products. It also gives instructions on cooking time, which is 46 minutes.


The sides of the helmet also feature slogans: the right side features the words “Pasta Italiana” and the left side features “non scuoce mai”, which basically translates as “doesn’t overcook” – a reference aimed at his detractors who had been writing him off in recent years.

Rossi’s bulldougs Caesar and Cecilia are featured as cartoons on the rear of the helmet as usual, they are pictured with a bowl of pasta to complete the design.

Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi ‘Di Vale’ Mugello helmet from 2014: