Valentino Rossi Misano 2016 helmet featuring The Blues Brothers

Valentino Rossi AGV Pista GP R ‘Sweet Home Misano’ helmet

Valentino Rossi Misano 2016 helmet featuring The Blues Brothers

AGV are now releasing Valentino Rossi’s 2016 Misano helmet in their top-of-range Pista GP R helmet series. The design is known as ‘Sweet Home Misano’ or sometimes ‘The Blues Brothers’ and will almost certainly sell out quickly given how popular it proved to be on the race weekend.

As you know by now, tradition dictates that Rossi will always show up to the Mugello and Misano MotoGP rounds with a special helmet design and in 2016 he showed up to Misano with this design that was tribute to Misano, to his favorite film, and to his longtime friend Alessio Salucci, aka ‘Uccio’.

The helmet was designed by Aldo Drudi and it feature Rossi and Uccio on the top of the helmet dressed up as the the two characters from the iconic film ‘The Blues Brothers’ (‘The Blues Brothers’ is Vale’s favorite movie).

Positioned above Vale and Uccio are the words ‘Sweet Home Misano’ in large lettering. As well as being a tribute to their home, this was a play on words that saw them adapting the song ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ from the movie to honor their home. The sides of the helmet features the iconic ‘Bluesmobile’ police car from the film while the rear of the helmet features a cartoon of Rossi’s pet Bulldogs and cat all dressed up in shades and fedora hats to complete the look.

Valentino Rossi Misano The Blues Brothers

This helmet design was wildly popular with the fans and AGV are only releasing this in Limited Edition numbers, so you may want to secure one via pre-order if you really want to be sure you can get hold of one.

The Pista GP R helmet:
The Pista GP R is the latest evolution of AGV’s popualr Pista GP helmet. It is basically AGV’s helmet that has been developed for racing and it sits at the top of AGV’s helmet range. This is a helmet that has been developed with riders like Valentino Rossi and is optimised for racing and the latest version included new features have come directly from the racetrack – such as, an integrated hydration system and an improved spoiler that provides more down-force and stability at race speeds. The air vents have also been revised on the new Pista GP R and they now have a metal grill that sits over the vents to increase surface area and provide greater air intake and ventilation.

This is an incredible helmet with a price tag to match.

Description: Valentino Rossi Soleluna 2016 AGV Pists GP R:
The AGV Pista GP R Rossi Soleluna in the very latest design as used in the 2016 MotoGP championship. New for 2017 the GPR has been co-designed by Valentino Rossi and debuted at the San Marino MotoGP round, this radical new sports model is engineered at precision levels to allow the rider maximum concentration and comfort.

The ultimate track helmet is now even better, with an included hydration system, MotoGP developed metal air vents and a wind-tunnel tested “Biplano” spoiler that has multiple wings to maximize aerodynamic performance and add stability at high-speed. The 100% 3K Carbon Fiber shell’s shape is designed to minimize interference with the racing suit, while the interior has an adaptable fit and places no stitching in sensitive areas.

Technical features include an exclusive Hydration System with a drinks valve located inside the chin space, patented ergonomic air vent channels, a premium comfort interior, and a large spoiler to direct and enhance airstream. The optically correct Race 3 Max Vision Pinlock Visor not only prevents fogging, but is created for zero distortion, giving great peripheral vision field. The easy to use ventilation in the Pista GP R has been realigned and CAD designed exclusively for sports riding, for direct and focused airflow.

valentino rossi misano 2016

  • Shell in 100% Carbon Fiber engineered in 4 sizes with 5-densities EPS structure developed in 4 sizes. The structure offers an extremely compact and light helmet with unmatched safety performance
  • Shell shape is designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to minimize the risk of impact energies being channeled to the collar bone. Rear shape is engineered to minimize interference with racing suit in racing position
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with 5 large front vents and 2 rear extractors hollowed in the shell which direct air to the rider’s head. The unique central upper air intake has been strategically placed in highest air pressure point to capture maximum air flow
  • New Moto GP developed metal air vents, combines unique strength and protection with an innovative external fins structure engineered to capture maximum airflow in the front of the shell and increase air pressure on the rear exhaust, therefore incrementing the speed of air transition inside the helmet, leading to an higher cooling performance. New internal chin channels distribute the air flow evenly thru the entire visor surface. Vents covers are included in the box
  • New wind tunnel tested Biplano spoiler features multiple wings to maximize aerodynamic performance, optimize CX, stabilizing the helmet during high speed riding in any conditions
  • Biplano spoiler is engineered to detach from the helmet in case of an accident, therefore maintaining helmet’s round shape for increased safety
  • Moto GP developed interiors engineered for maximum performance on the track with a patented structure that allows riders to optimize fit and select helmet height positioning over the head. Developed with top riders, the neck roll offers easy entry, maximum ventilation and adaptable fit
  • Different thickness crown pad and cheek pads inserts are included in the box, allowing the rider to adapt the helmet fit.
  • Removable nose guard and wind protector.
  • The inner of the helmet is designed to offer the highest riding comfort without any stitches in sensitive areas. All parts are easily removable and washable
  • Neck roll: 2way stretch breathable fabric to guarantee the maximum breathability in a lightweight structure, with high strenght Nabuk inserts for durable performance
  • Cheek pads: soft and gentle Shalimar fabric with Sanitized® (antibacterial protection), 2Dry (moisture wicking) and Microsense (premium skin comfort and wearing fluidity) treatments
  • Crown pad: Elastic Microfibre with the same treatments listed for check pads
  • New Patented cheek pads safety release system engineered to remove conveniently cheek pads in case of accident.
  • Moto GP developed hydration system included in the helmet with internal channels engineered for smooth tube placement and drinking valve placed inside the chin of the helmetb for a constant and smooth hydration during riding. The system is fully removable
  • New Class Optic 1 visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock® (120) anti fog technology is designed for maximum vertical view on racing position (85°) and unmatched horizontal view (190°)
  • Visor is anti-scratch and ready for track use tear-off. A tear-off kit is included in the box
  • Patented Visor Lock System (VLS) reduces the risk of accidental opening in the event of an accident: visor thickness is from 4 to 5 mm, increasing face and eyes protection in the case of an accident
  • Exclusive metal visor mechanism in metal with roto-translation movement achieves total sealing between visor and shell. Tools free rapid visor release system allows the visor to be removed and replaced in seconds. Mechanism is designed to minimize area, therefore supporting peripheral view and impact performance
  • Double D retention system
  • Homologations ECE 22.05

360 degree video of the Valentino Rossi ‘Sweet Home Misano’ helmet:

Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi ‘Blues Brothers’ Misano helmet:

So what do you need to know?:

  • This is a limited edition so expect stock to sell quickly. Once it is all gone then your best best is going to be ebay.
  • This is a premium helmet that has been designed for the track and it can retail anywhere upwards from £999 / $1599
  • It will be highly collectible, so should hold its value

Not everywhere will have this helmet in stock, so check out the links below for online shops that will carry stock:

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