Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet

Valentino Rossi Goodwood AGV Corsa helmet

Valentino Rossi Goodwood AGV Corsa helmet

In 2015 Valentino Rossi attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed as a special guest – Rossi was there to mark Yamaha’s 60th anniversary in motorsport and as part of the celebrations he rode a Yamaha YZR-M1 along the famous Goodwood Hillclimb track. You can read about the whole event and see photos and videos in our write-up.

To celebrate Yamaha’s 60th anniversary Rossi appeared in the famous retro Yellow and Black Molly graphics that were associated with Yamaha’s racing team (especially in the US).

The helmet that Rossi wore adpoted this classic colour scheme and now AGV have made it available to buy as a replica in their AGV Corsa R range, and it is totally beautiful.

Designed by Aldo Drudi, the helmet is yellow and black, with a large ’46’ (also in yellow) on the upper sides of the helmet. The base of the helmet features the iconic black rectangles on a white background that any longtime motorcycle racing fan will recognise and and probably make them think back to Kenny Roberts in the 1970s. Rossi’s signature is also featured on the front of the chin.

This is a really classy and beautiful Valentino Rossi helmet that is steeped in racing history. We expect this one to sell very quickly indeed.

The AGV Corsa R helmet is a upper-range AGV helmet that is packed with features, including many features that you would get on the premium AGV Pista GP R range (AGV’s pure racing helmet), but at a fraction of the price. The Corsa R is actually pretty close to the Pista GP R in terms of specification with the most notable difference being that it uses a carbon fiberglass shell (as opposed to the pure carbon fiber shell that the Pista GP R uses).

Valentino Rossi at Goodwood 2015

Description of the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet:
Offering most of the same features as the top-of-the-line Pista GP R but in a carbon-fiberglass shell and adjustable vents, the Corsa R is designed for uncompromising performance on the track. A new interior construction provides a stable, pressure-free fit, and the patented, reversible crown pad features two distinct fabrics, allowing riders to select between warm and cool sides depending on conditions or personal preference. A removable nose guard and wind deflector are both included, and the Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) places intake ports at areas of maximum airflow.

  • Shell in CAAF (Carbon-Aramidic-Fiberglass) engineered in 4 sizes with 5-densities EPS structure developed in 4 sizes.
  • Shell shape is designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to minimize the risk of impact energies being channeled to the collar bone. Rear shape is engineered to minimize interference with racing suits structures in racing position.
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with 5 large front vents and 2 rear extractors hollowed in the shell which direct air to the rider’s head. The unique central upper air intake has been strategically placed to capture maximum air flow in highest air pressure point. All the air vents are adjustable.
  • New internal chin channels distribute the air flow evenly thru the entire visor surface.
  • The wind tunnel tested spoiler maximizes aerodynamic performance and stability during high speed riding. The spoiler is engineered to detach from the helmet in case of an accident, therefore maintaining helmet’s round shape for increased safety.
  • New Corsa R interiors construction is engineered to allow a stable, embracing and pressure free fit and to maximize dynamic comfort. Removable nose guard and wind protector.
  • Patented reversible crown pad features a double face use that allows rider to select the preferred feel and climate: Warmer Side: with Shalimar fabric for a soft and gentle touch. Cooler Side: with Ritmo fabric for a fluid and fresh fit
  • The inner of the helmet is designed to offer the highest riding comfort. All parts are easily removable and washable.
  • Neck roll: Shalimar and Nabuk fabric with water resistant treatment, preventing water to be channeled inside the helmet.
  • Cheek pads: Ritmo fabric with Sanitized® (antibacterial protection), 2Dry (moisture wicking) and Microsense (premium skin comfort and wearing fluidity) treatments.
  • Crown pad: Shalimar (warmer side) and Ritmo (cooler side) with the same treatments listed for check pads.
  • New Patented cheek pads safety release system engineered to remove conveniently cheek pads in case of accident.
  • New Class Optic 1 visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock® (120) anti fog technology is designed for maximum vertical view on racing position (85°) and unmatched horizontal view (190°).
  • Visor is anti-scratch and ready for track use tear-off. A tear-off kit is included in the box.
  • Patented Visor Lock System (VLS) reduces the risk of accidental opening in the event of an accident: visor thickness is from 4 to 5 mm, increasing face and eyes protection in the case of an accident.
  • Unique Metal visor mechanism in metal with roto-translation movement for total sealing between visor and shell. Rapid visor release system requiring no tools and allowing the visor to be removed and replaced in seconds. Mechanism is designed to minimize area, therefore supporting peripheral view and impact performance.
  • Double D retention system

Check the review below of the AGV Corsa R helmet:

Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet:

Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at (USA based, ship globally)
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at (USA based, ship globally)
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at (UK based, ship globally)
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at (UK based, ship globally)
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at (EU based with UK and US sites, ship globally)
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at (DE based with UK and US sites, ship globally)
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at Amazon
Check out the Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa R Goodwood helmet at

Valentino Rossi Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet (2015)

Valentino Rossi Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet (2015)

Valentino Rossi at Goodwood 2015

Straight after his victory in the Dutch GP at Assen, Valentino Rossi hopped on to a flight to the UK to make an appearance at the Goodwood festival of Speed. Rossi was in attendance alongside Yamaha’s Executive Vice President, Takaaki Kimurato, to celebrate Yamaha’s 60th anniversary in motorsport.

Valentino also took part in the iconic Goodwood Hillclimb on his Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP bike on the Sunday. The Hillclimb is a twisting and technical course that runs for 1.16 miles and rises over 300ft – a challenge for the best of riders.

To mark the occasion Rossi and his Yamaha M1 were decked out in old-school Yamaha livery, and he also wore a classic looking Yamaha race helmet design to match. This new helmet design was created by Aldo Drudi and took in design elements that were used for Yamaha’s 50th Anniversary at Laguna Seca way back in 2005 (the retro American Yellow and Black Molly graphics).

Valentino Rossi Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet (2015)

The helmet feature a classic black and white base, with a yellow crown, complete with Rossi’s iconic race number 46. This is a beautiful looking Rossi lid – a simple design that pays tribute to Yamaha’s rich history in Motorsport.

More images of Valentino Rossi’s Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet below:
Valentino Rossi Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet (2015)

Valentino Rossi Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet (2015)

Valentino Rossi Goodwood Festival of Speed helmet (2015)

Valentino Rossi said:

I’m very happy to attend the Festival of Speed at Goodwood this year. It will be my first time at Goodwood, but I know this event pretty well. I have read so many stories about the Festival and I have also seen many videos. The atmosphere looks great. This event has the power to gather so many drivers, riders and motorsport VIPs and it is a great opportunity to have fun together. I’ll ride my Yamaha YZR-M1 to celebrate Yamaha Motor’s 60th anniversary, but I might also drive a few cars… I would like to thank Lord March for inviting me to the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. I am sure it’s going to be an incredible day and I look forward to being there!

Watch Valentino Rossi’s lap of Goodwood:

After his lap of Goodwood Valentino had the rare priviledge of actually riding his Yamaha directly into Goodwood house before appearing on the upper balcony where he was interviewed and waved to the fans. He even dropped a few clues about his plans for the future after he finishes his MotoGP career.

Video of Valentino Rossi riding his Yamaha right through the door and into Goodwood house:

Valentino Rossi:

“I am very happy to be here at Goodwood. I have never been before but I have seen videos so it is great to finally be here. I had to leave almost straight after being on the podium at Assen to get here but I have had a great time.

“I was very impressed, it was larger than I imagined! The venue is very big and there were lots of fans, but also famous riders, drivers and other VIPs! There was a great atmosphere when I rode my M1 up and down the hill.”

“When I am 40, I hope to be racing in a way, not with MotoGP but with the cars. Not at the same level, but something to enjoy. I think you have to continue to race as much as possible.

“First we have to make sure we win the MotoGP! This year it is very difficult as the other guys are very strong, especially Jorge who won four races in a row. I have a chance, I have a great chance as the Yamaha is fantastic. It looks like Marc might have come back from his problems so he will too be hard to beat in the next races but we have a good advantage in the points so this is important. It will be tough and I think the battle will continue until the last race.”

Watch more of Valentino Rossi’s Googdwood interview with Suzy Perry below:

We will be watching closley if this helmet is released as a replica as the design is steeped in Yamaha racing history and we would imagine that many fans would love to get their hands on one of these.