Huge fan collection of Valentino Rossi helmets

Huge fan collection of Valentino Rossi helmets

Huge fan collection of Valentino Rossi helmets

No idea who this dude is, but man, that is quite the collection of Valentino Rossi helmets – he probably has a van or a trailer just to haul those helmets around with him in the event of photo opportunities like the one above.

He has created the number 46 out of 100% Valentino Rossi replica helmets, as well as offical Rossi replica motorcycle gloves and boots.

It’s not all Valentino Rossi though – I see a Jorge Lorenzo, a couple of Simoncelli’s, an Iannone, a Tomizawa, and various other rider hemets at the bottom.

Amazing Valentino Rossi ‘Shark’ motorcycle paint-job

Valentino Rossi Shark Bike

Remember the Shark helmet design that Valentino Rossi wore for the 2015 Misano MotoGP race – well someone has taken that design and applied to their entire motorcycle. And it has turned out really well – you have to admire the creative mind that came up with this, plus the execution is perfect.

The original helmet was created to signify the pressure that Valentino Rossi was under at Misano and Valentino stated that it symbolised the fact that he was a target for all other riders to beat given that it was his home race. On the original design Rossi was portrayed as a cartoon yellow fish being hunted down by a large blue shark.

In reality most people assumed the design signified Rossi’s slight lead in the Championship over Jorge Lorenzo who was the shark closing in on the fish of Rossi.

Anyway, back to the bike – this is an incredible paint job that features the Shark on the main tank of the motorcycle and the fish is placed on the front mud-guard.

This is one amazing custom paint-job for a motorcycle.

Valentino Rossi Shark Bike

Valentino Rossi answers questions from the fans

Valentino Rossi answers questions from fans

Valentino Rossi answers questions from fans

This is a fun little video clip from GPOne that shows a quick-fire Q&A session with Valentino Rossi, except there is a slight twist….Vale is answering questions that have been submitted by his fans.

It’s all lighthearted stuff, and you can find out answers to those burning questions like:

  • Which battle did Rossi enjoy the most: Stoner at Laguna Seca or Ginernau at Jerez?
  • Why does Valentino Rossi hold the footpegs of the bike before the race?
  • What would he do if he had a time machine?
  • What’s Valentino Rossi’s favorite movie?
  • What’s the most interesting thing in his wallet?
  • What one thing would he take with him if he was stranded on a desert island?

…and more.

Watch Valentino Rossi answer questions form the fans below:

A fan’s tour of Tavullia

valentino rossi tavullia

valentino rossi tavullia

If you have ever wondered what Valentino Rossi’s hometown of Tavullia is like, then imagine a giant tribute to Valentino on a grand scale and you’d be getting close. The place is like an open-air Valentino Rossi museum.

Tavullia is located about 20 miles from Rimini and is also only a few miles away from San Marino – the location of the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

This is a town that celebrates its most famous son like no other – even the local priests ring the church bells everytime that Valentino wins a race.

Check out this fan’s video of a trip to Tavullia….probably the most ‘yellow’ town that has ever existed.

The video takes in the local sights, stunning countryside, restaurants, and it even includes a surprise sighting of ‘The Doctor’ right at the end.

Check it out below.

Valentino Rossi super-fan’s helmet collection

the collection valentino rossi

the collection valentino rossi

We couldn’t verify the source of this image, so we don’t know whose collection this is….but whoever owns this has clearly been very busy and is a dedicated Valentino Rossi fan!

There are a helmets here from pretty much every era, and we will hazard a guess that this collection of Valentino Rossi helmets is now even larger, as by the look of things in this photo it only goes up to about 2008 and the 5 Continents helmet and doesn’t include the 2 years spent at Ducati or the return to Yamaha.

Impressive stuff all the same.

Seen any better photos of any fan’s collections? Let us know in the comments.

Huge Valentino Rossi Minichamps model collection

Wow, this is amazing.

Minichamps have long been the leading manufacturer of Valentino Rossi models and they pretty much create everything you can think of, including Valentino Rossi helmets, Valentino Rossi bikes, Valentino Rossi figures etc…and so on.

The reason for their popularity, as you will see in the video below, is their incredible attention to detail and their ability to pick out key, and often, emotional moments, from a racer’s career and preserve it forever in model form.

Minichamps started in 1990 as Paul’s Model Art GmbH in 1990 in Aachen, Germany. They started out creating replica models of cars, but over time they have got involved in motosport and they create a lot of F1 models, as well as MotoGP.

Many of their models are created in limited edition runs, which stokes the fires of Rossi fans and collectors even more, knowing that what they buy may actually increase in value over time as stock and availability dwindle as units get sold.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand – see the video below for what is one of the largest and most complete Valentino Rossi model collections that I have seen in a very long time, which includes helmets, figures, bikes and much more. It must have taken years to assemble.

Valentino Rossi model collection:

“Febbre Gialla” (Yellow Fever) a documentary about Valentino Rossi fans

Valentino Rossi Yellow Fever
Valentino Rossi may have had a torrid debut season on the Ducati, but despite spending most of the 2011 season fighting for low top 10 race positions, he remains the biggest attraction in MotoGP.

At any MotoGP race – no matter where in world, or at which track, a sea of yellow t-shirts with the number 46 on the will be the predominant uniform.

Italian director, Gianni del Corral, has made a documentary dedicated to digging deeper into the Valentino Rossi phenomenon, and unearthing more about his army of dedicated fans.

The film is called “Febbre Gialla” (or Yellow Fever), and it features interviews with Valentino Rossi’s official fanclub, as well as interviews with many of Rossi’s loyal fans that make the pilgrimage to his home town of Tavullia. The film is packed with the stories, anecdotes, and the hopes of Valentino Rossi’s fans.

Oh, and it is all for a good cause too – the proceeds go directly towards an organisation called “Baby Xitter”, which is a charity that creates recreational spaces for children in Turin.

Check out the trailer for “Febbre Gialla” (Yellow Fever) below: