Valentino Rossi “Jolly Joker” Helmet (Mugello 2010)

Valentino Rossi Jolly Joker Helmet, Mugello 2010

Location: Mugello, Italy

Date: Saturday/Sunday June 05/06, 2010

Race position: DNF

The Mugello racetrack has been very kind to Valentino Rossi over the years, it is like a second home, it is always full of his fans, and it was the setting for an incredible run of consecutive victories….but in 2010 Mugello revealed its dark side to ‘The Doctor’.

As has become tradition, Valentino Rossi unveiled his latest helmet design at Mugello on Saturday the 5th June. Unfortunately fans were unable to enjoy the design as Rossi was violently flung off his bike in the MotoGP morning warm-up and broke his leg. Cold tyres were blamed for the crash and Valentino Rossi was forced to miss the next four races, effectively ending any hopes Rossi had of challenging a dominant Jorge Lorenzo for the Championship.

The Jolly Joker Helmet:

The helmet is another Aldo Drudi design and features Rossi’s face as the Joker in the center of a playing card, signifying the joker in the pack. Rossi is also seen to be wearing a jesters hat with the Yamaha logo positioned at front and center. The sun and moon feature on the sides of the design and Rossi’s bulldogs once again can be seen at the back – both of whom are holding playing cards.

Due to the crash, Rossi did not get the chance offer any full explanations as to the reason behind the design.

Valentino Rossi is famously superstitious, so it is fair to assume that fans won’t be seeing Rossi racing in this helmet design in the future – and it is certain that AGV won’t be producing any replicas.

Image Gallery of Valentino Rossi’s Mugello Jolly Joker Helmet from Mugello 2010: