Valentino Rossi MotoGP 2006

2006 MotoGP: Valentino Rossi Helmets

Valentino Rossi MotoGP 2006

The 2006 MotoGP season was notable for two reasons – firstly, it marked the last year that 990cc four-stroke bikes were specified to race (maximum engine capacity was reduced to 800cc in 2007). Secondly, it marked the year that Valentino Rossi’s previous domination of the MotoGP class would end, when Nicky Hayden became World Champion. Hayden had only won a handful of races, but he had been consistently in the top 3 for most of the season and was clocking up the points.

Rossi staged an impressive comeback in the second half of the season and held the points advantage in the last two races, only to crash out in the final round at Valencia – Hayden finished in 3rd place, which was enough to hand him the title.

Valentino updated his primary helmet design in 2006 and the Aldo Drudi design ‘Gothic‘ helmet became Valentino Rossi’s primary race design. As usual, Valentino also came out with a few custom one-off helmets during the season, including a stunning helmet that was designed by Italian artist and writer Milo Manara for the 2006 Mugello MotoGP.

2006 Valentino Rossi Helmets


Valentino Rossi “7 Shots” Testing Helmet (Malaysia 2006)

Rossi came out for the Winter Test with a simple design that featured a huge ‘number 46’ dominating the front and sides of the helmet, with 7 bullet holes painted on top.


Valentino Rossi Gothic Helmet (Yellow)

The Drudi designed Gothic helmet was a recurring design in 2006 and 2007 with various colour variations. Rossi raced more frequently with the Yellow version (yellow sun on black background, black moon on yellow background) version in 2007, but the helmet also got used for a few races in 2006.


Valentino Rossi Gothic Helmet (Black)

This is the companion helmet to the Gothic Yellow helmet. Featuring the same design and graphics, but it reveals a white sun on a black background, and a black moon.


Valentino Rossi 2006 Mugello helmet – Milo Manara

A really distinctive design was used at Mugello in 2006 and quickly became a favourite with the fans. Rossi had Milo Manara, an Italian artist who was primarily known for comic books and graphic novels, to create a comic storyboard loosely based on Rossi in Manara’s own unique style.


  • nardly

    I still love my gothic GP-Pro (aka XR-2) helmet… it is awesome, fits well and looks killer still… I even got a couple replacement visors and liners so I can extend it’s life… I’ve liked several others he has as well.. like the 7 continents and the dreamtime helmet as well…. so awesome… and AGV fits me Perfectly… I’ve had 4 of them now and they are second to none… all of mine however are made in Italy not the lower model china or scandanavia versions,,, only Shoei and Arai high end hemlets come close… Maybe the Bell high end series Star helmets…