Valentino Rossi 2003 MotoGP helmet (VR46)

2003 Valentino Rossi

Okay, we are going to put this out there right now – this is probably our all time favorite Valentino Rossi MotoGP helmet ever. I think it is the dark colours, juxtaposed with the jagged yellow and blue of the Sun’s rays that make this look seriously dark and vicious.

This helmet design was used as Valentino’s primary helmet for the 2003 season, and he continued with it into 2004 when he moved from Honda to race for the factory Yamaha team.

The Valentino Rossi 2003 official helmet would become one of his most popular designs, as well as one of his longest running – Rossi wore this design as his primary helmet between 2003 and 2005. Superstitious fans consider this to be his lucky helmet as he won 29 races over two years, on two different bikes (Honda and Yamaha).

Valentino Rossi 2003

It’s a striking and a more grown-up design than Rossi had ever worn previously, gone were the cartoon Sun and Moon designs from previous years and in their place was a stylish black sun on a yellow background, and a yellow moon on a black background. The front of the helmet simply featured a red chin area with a yellow ‘number 46’ and as a result this helmet model is usually referred to as the ‘VR46’ helmet.

valetino rossi 2003 motogp

Image Gallery of the AGV Rossi Official 2003 Helmet (VR 46):
Rossi VR 46 Helmet

 Rossi VR46 Helmet

Rossi VR46 Helmet

Rossi VR46 Helmet

This helmet design has been released as a replica in the past before, and it is always a huge hit with Rossi fans. AGV currently have a replica available in this design in their best-selling and affordable K3 helmet range. You can see it and find out more about it in our product page found here.