Rossi Mugello helmet 2002

Valentino Rossi Mugello helmet (2002)

Valentino Rossi Mugello 2002

Location: Grand Prix of Italy (Gran Premio d’Italia Alice ), Mugello

Date: Sunday, 2nd June, 2002

Race position: 1st

In 2002 Valentino Rossi continued with the tradition that he had recently started by bringing a special one off helmet design to the Mugello Grand prix in the 2002 season. The helmet design held a very special and personal meaning for Rossi whihc you can learn about below. This helmet was also one of the first custom helmet designs that Rossi brought to Mugello that started off the yearly tradition of new Rossi helmet designs for Mugello.

Valentino Rossi started the Mugello MotoGP 2002 round in pole position and from the moment the lights went out Rossi dominated the race to take victory, despite crashing in the early morning practice session. Max Biaggi and Rossi’s Honda team-mate Ukawa completed the podium. This was one of the eleven races won by Rossi in the first year of the four-stroke 990’s.

Valentino Rossi said of the race:

“It was a very good race for me, and I´m happy to have won in front of the Italian fans. It was a victory that I´d hoped for as I hadn´t been able to achieve it for the last two years. The fall in the warm-up actually helped, because it made me more cautious as I had to race on my second bike. I used softer tyres than my rivals and when I began to push hard I was able to get away from Biaggi. Everything went well.”

The helmet:

The helmet was designed by Aldo Drudi and it was created as a tribute to Italy, and to his father Graziano Rossi, who also raced motorbikes in his youth. The helmet is also sometimes referred to as the ‘True Italian’.

Rossi Mugello helmet 2002

The helmet was modeled on Graziano’s helmet design when he was racing and featured a paint job based on his design. The design that Graziano raced with in 1979 was chosen, as that was also the year that Valentino was born. It was composed of a white background with the colours of the Italian flag that wrapped around the helmet. The number ’46’ is featured on both sides of the helmet (’46’ was also the racing number that Graziano Rossi used when he competed in the world championship). The base of the helmet featured 22 icons each representing various aspects of Rossi’s life and personality, such as pizza, a football, a plate of spaghetti etc…

Valentino Rossi and Graziano Rossi
Valentino Rossi and Graziano Rossi

Image Gallery of Valentino Rossi Mugello 2002 Helmet:

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