Valentino Rossi 2002

2002 MotoGP: Valentino Rossi Helmets

Valentino Rossi 2002

The 2002 MotoGP was another ‘business as usual’ season for Valentino Rossi as he continued to dominate the series on his Repsol Honda RC211V. Valentino was mostly untouchable on the track and he finished as World Champion without ever really being challenged too much by his closest rivals that year, Max Biaggi and (team-mate) Tohru Ukawa. Rossi finished the season with 355 points, which was 140 points more than Max Biaggi who finished in second place.

The 2002 GP season was notable as it also marked the start of a new era in MotoGP when teams could opt to race either a 500cc two-stroke bike, or a 990cc four-stroke bike. The four-strokes had a huge power advantage and dominated the season so much, that by 2003 no two-stroke bikes were competing in MotoGP and all teams were running four-strokes.

During the season Valentino unveiled a couple of new helmet designs, with a tribute to his father (Graziano) being the inspiration behind his customized helmet design that he wore for the Mugello GP. You can check out the helmets from the season below:


2002 Valentino Rossi Helmets


Valentino Rossi Suzuka 2002 Helmet

AGV Rossi Suzuka Helmet

Rossi started the 2002 MotoGP season with a pole position and a victory in Japan on his 4-stroke RC211V Honda. Rossi wore a new helmet design that blended together imagery from previous helmets, and as usual, featured the sun and the moon as the dominant imagery.


Valentino Rossi Mugello 2002 Helmet (Graziano Tribute)

Rossi Mugello 2002 helmet

Rossi came to Mugello in 2002 with a helmet design of a very personal nature. The helmet design was modelled on the same colours that Valentino’s father, Graziano, wore in his racing days. The helmet also doubled up as a tribute to Italy, and paid tribute to the things that Rossi loved, represented as icons around the base.