Valentino Rossi Sun and Moon Helmet (1999)

valentino rossi aprilia 250 1999

Valentino Rossi stuck with a basic sun and moon helmet design for much of his 250cc career varying the colours and designs slightly.

Designed by Aldo Drudi, the 1999 version of the Sun and Moon helmet design featured the sun on the right hand side of the helmet and a crescent moon in a night sky on the left hand side. Both motifs sit on top of a background with the number 46 repeatedly written on it.

Towards the back of the helmet around the base, a collection of flowers are featured. The cartoon figure on the rear of the helmet is based on an Italian cartoon character called ‘Paparinik’ – Rossi developed his own variation of the character called ‘Valentinik’ and featured it heavily in his helmet designs during this period. Rossi’s number 46 is placed just above the visor.

This helmet design had pretty much remained consistent since Valentino Rossi first debuted it in his first season in the 125cc Class in 1996.

Image Gallery of the 1999 Valentino Rossi Sun and Moon Helmet:

1999 Rossi Sun Moon Helmet

1999 Rossi Sun Moon Helmet