Valentino Rossi Helmets


Valentino Rossi is renowned for his distinctive helmet designs. Over the years Valentino Rossi has used his helmet designs as a way to document the highs and lows of his career, and as a way to communicate with his fans and the media. From showing his love to his fans and using their energy to reach new heights, to showing his mindset when things are not going well, it all gets expressed via Valentino’s helmet designs.

Valentino Rossi has worn a huge array of helmet designs throughout his career and despite the wide variety of graphics that he has used on the track, most of them usually feature recurring themes or imagery, such as the Sun & Moon motif, signifying (according to Rossi) the two sides of his personality.

Who designs Valentino Rossi’s helmets:
Valentino Rossi has had a long-standing relationship with Aldo Drudi since the start of his Grand Prix career. Drudi designs pretty much all of Valentino’s helmets, and they both work together coming up with the concepts and designs, then Drudi draws them and makes them a reality. Valentino usually wears a number of one-off designs during the course of a season, usually with a story or a message underpinning the graphics – the winter test sessions that take place before the season starts usually sees Valentino bring a new design to the track. However, it is Rossi’s home races of Mugello and Misano where Vale and Drudi really kick it up a gear and the unveiling of the custom helmet design for these events is something that fans and journalists alike wait for.

Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi creating his 2012 Mugello helmet design:
Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi

Below you will find a list of the helmets that Valentino Rossi has worn throughout his long MotoGP career. The list is organised by year and to find out more about the helmets that Rossi has worn, then simply click on the year and you’ll be taken to the corresponding page with all the helmets from that season.

Valentino Rossi helmets:

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