Buy Minichamps 1_8 Diecast AGV Helmet V Rossi 2006 Mugello

Minichamps has announced a 1/8 replica of Valentino Rossi’s helmet which he wore at the 2006 Mugello MotoGP.

This is not yet released, but it is available for Pre-order (find out where to buy at the bottom of the page). The helmet will be a beautiful 1:8 sized replica of one of Valentino Rossi’s most memorable and distinctive helmet designs. The helmet for Mugello 2006 was designed by Milo Manara, an Italian artist and writer best known for his graphic novels, comic books, and distinctive erotic art, and it featured Manara’s drawings of Rossi and some of Rossi’s heros.

Rossi said of the Mugello 2006 helmet design: “My new helmet design is by a famous Italian cartoonist called Milo Manara. He has drawn a kind of mythical story of my life, with some of my heroes like Steve McQueen, Enzo Ferrari and Jim Morrison, with other characters like my dog Guido, Osvaldo the chicken and lots of beautiful women! I really like it and Milo is somebody I have admired for a long time.”

Minichamps 1:8 Diecast AGV Helmet V Rossi 2006 Mugello

[size guide: 1/8 scale = 3cm/1.3 inches high]


Minichamps AGV Rossi helmet - 2006 Mugello MotoGP 1:8


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