Minichamps Valentino Rossi Helmet Models

Buy Minichamps Valentino Rossi diecast models

Here at we know that there is an enthusiastic collectors community for diecast Valentino Rossi helmet replicas.

Each time Valentino brings out a new helmet design then you can be sure that a model replica is usually not too far behind in a number of sizes. Minichamps is probably the leading brand that create these official replica models and they usually come in two sizes – as 1:8 and 1:2 scale model helmets.

They are incredibly detailed and are basically an authentic replica down to the very last detail, with graphics matching the designs that Valentino and Aldo Drudi come up with.

All the top brands, such as Minichamps are featured below – whatever replica you’re looking for, there is a good chance it is made by Minichamps. Minichamps are respected throughout the world for their stunning diecast models and the level of detail that goes into evey piece, making them excellent collectors items.

Simply click on the products below to find out more about the diecast helmet replica and where to buy diecast models at the best prices online. Check out some of the best model helmets from the “Valentino Rossi Collection” below:

Minichamps Diecast Valentino Rossi Helmet Replicas – Scale: 1/8

Below you’ll find the best diecast Minichamps at 1/8 scale to buy online. Click on the product for more details and best places to buy.

Minichamps Diecast Helmet Replicas – Scale: 1/2

Below you’ll find the best diecast Minichamps at 1/2 scale to buy online. Click on the product for more details and best places to buy Rossi 1:2 Minichamps helmet replicas:

FAQ and buying guide:

Are they expensive?
They don’t need to be. The 1:8 scale helmets are cheaper and despite the smaller size they are just as detailed as the more expensive models. The 1:2 scale Valentino rosis helmet models are more expensive as they are bigger, and also come packaged differently.

The 1:8 scale helmets come in their own clear perspex display case with written plynth, and are ready to display on a shelf or add to your collection.

The 1:2 scale helmets come boxed complete with clear plastic viewing parts.

How big are they?
The 1:2 scale is approx. 24cm / 9.4in long.
The 1:8 scale is approx. 4cm / 1.6in long.

Are they an investment?:
They can be. Many of the larger models, such as the 1:2 scale helmet models are made in limited edition runs, usually 999 units made for sale worldwide, and once stock is gone then they become more coillectible and you will find a thriving community of collectors on places like .

How are they packaged?:
*The 1:8 scale ones come mounted on a plastic plinth, and are contained in a perspex box (which can be removed and replaced at will).
*The 1:2 scale ones are bigger and come presented in their own box, and are not fixed to a base