Valentino Rossi’s 2012 Misano Helmet [Photos & Video]

Valentino Rossi 2012 Misano Helmet

Valentino Rossi revealed his latest helmet design at the Misano qualifying session on Saturday.

Rossi showed that he is still keen to poke fun at himself by racing with a new design that portrayed him as a beaten up boxer with the slogan “Come Vado?” written on the top – which translates as “How am I doing?”.

The cartoon helmet design was designed by Aldo Druidi and is a pretty accurate metaphor of Rossi’s troubled time at Ducati. The graphics show Rossi’s face battered and bruised, as he slumps on the ropes for support. The ropes on the helmet are made of two red stripes – a tribute to Marco Simoncelli’s double red-stripe racing design.

On Rossi’s cartoon boxing gloves the words ‘Semprelast’ can be seen, which is a spoof on the ‘Everlast’ boxing brand and can be translated as “Always last”.

The design also featured Simoncelli’s #58, and Rossi’s two cartoon bulldogs.

Ironically, despite wearing a helmet design that poked fun at Rossi’s poor run of form on the Ducati, he went on to have his best race and finished in a comfortable 2nd position, less than 5 second behind Jorge Lorenzo.

Gallery of Valentino Rossi’s 2012 Misano Helmet (click to enlarge):

Video of Valentino Rossi’s 2012 Misano helmet:

Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello – Valentino’s iconic helmets

Monster Energy have just released an interesting video of Valentino Rossi describing some of the special one-off helmet designs that he has worn for the Mugello MotoGP over the years.

Valentino Rossi talks about some of the most important helmet designs and describes the story and the meaning behind some of his most famous Mugello helmets.

Official Description:
Valentino Rossi’s connection with the Italian Grand Prix has never been short of emotion. From his seven consecutive race victories, through to the anguish of 2010 and the return on a Ducati machine to its spiritual home, the race has always left a huge impression on the tens of thousands who come to idolise him. Starting in 2002 the Mugello story took an added twist and tradition of a one-off helmet which was often dedicated to Italy and his fans. Never short on imagination or humour Valentino’s delivered a sense of fun and an insight into his private thoughts each year. The 2012 story will be unknown to the world, as is tradition, until Valentino produces the helmet on Saturday morning but the best place to start is to look through some of his own personal favourites form years gone by.

The Mugello story continues with Aldo Drudi and Valentino sharing some of the behind the scenes work that goes into the helmets.

“Febbre Gialla” (Yellow Fever) a documentary about Valentino Rossi fans

Valentino Rossi Yellow Fever
Valentino Rossi may have had a torrid debut season on the Ducati, but despite spending most of the 2011 season fighting for low top 10 race positions, he remains the biggest attraction in MotoGP.

At any MotoGP race – no matter where in world, or at which track, a sea of yellow t-shirts with the number 46 on the will be the predominant uniform.

Italian director, Gianni del Corral, has made a documentary dedicated to digging deeper into the Valentino Rossi phenomenon, and unearthing more about his army of dedicated fans.

The film is called “Febbre Gialla” (or Yellow Fever), and it features interviews with Valentino Rossi’s official fanclub, as well as interviews with many of Rossi’s loyal fans that make the pilgrimage to his home town of Tavullia. The film is packed with the stories, anecdotes, and the hopes of Valentino Rossi’s fans.

Oh, and it is all for a good cause too – the proceeds go directly towards an organisation called “Baby Xitter”, which is a charity that creates recreational spaces for children in Turin.

Check out the trailer for “Febbre Gialla” (Yellow Fever) below:

Valentino Rossi answers fan’s questions (Dainese / AGV video)

As an early Christmas present, Valentino Rossi teamed up with Dainese and AGV to do a question and answer session with fans.

Dainese set up a facebook page to take questions from fans, and then Valentino Rossi sat down to answer the questions in a live video stream.

Rossi answered questions on a whole range of subjects, and he talked openly about his first season on Ducati, about Marco Simoncelli, about the forthcoming CRT rules in MotoGP, as well as answering questions about his favourite song and what films he would have liked to have acted in.

Dainese recorded the session, and translated from Rossi’s native Italian to English. The live stream was put together by the Ducati Team rider’s sponsors, Dainese and AGV.

You can watch the full video below with the English translation, and the original Italian video below:

Valentino Rossi interview (translated to English):

Original Italian interview:
Part 1:

Part 2: