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Valentino Rossi’s 2012 Misano Helmet [Photos & Video]

Valentino Rossi revealed his latest helmet design at the Misano qualifying session on Saturday. Rossi showed that he is still keen to poke fun at himself by racing with a new design that portrayed him as a beaten up boxer with the slogan “Come Vado?” written on the top – which translates as “How am […]

Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello – Valentino’s iconic helmets

Monster Energy have just released an interesting video of Valentino Rossi describing some of the special one-off helmet designs that he has worn for the Mugello MotoGP over the years. Valentino Rossi talks about some of the most important helmet designs and describes the story and the meaning behind some of his most famous Mugello […]

Huge fan collection of Valentino Rossi replica helmets

An amazing collection of Valentino Rossi replica helmets – this fan’s collection covers pretty much every Valentino Rossi helmet from the 125cc days, all the way up to the Rossi face helmet from Mugello 2008. Check out the video below – amazing:

“Febbre Gialla” (Yellow Fever) a documentary about Valentino Rossi fans

Valentino Rossi may have had a torrid debut season on the Ducati, but despite spending most of the 2011 season fighting for low top 10 race positions, he remains the biggest attraction in MotoGP. At any MotoGP race – no matter where in world, or at which track, a sea of yellow t-shirts with the […]

Valentino Rossi answers fan’s questions (Dainese / AGV video)

As an early Christmas present, Valentino Rossi teamed up with Dainese and AGV to do a question and answer session with fans. Dainese set up a facebook page to take questions from fans, and then Valentino Rossi sat down to answer the questions in a live video stream. Rossi answered questions on a whole range […]

Fan’s collection of Valentino Rossi helemts (video)

Wow – can anyone out there beat this guy’s collection of Valentino Rossi replica helmets? The video below shows one person’s collection of Valentino Rossi race replicas – all unboxed and photographed from various angles. Stunning!

Video of Valentino Rossi’s helmets during the years 1994 to 2010

Skimming through YouTube we found this video that aggregates most of Valentino Rossi’s race helmets together from 1994 to 2010. The video shows each helmet from various abgles, and also shows photographs of Valentino Rossi on track in most of the helmets. Watch the video below:

Rossi’s Donkey Helmet painted by Performance Race Art

We have featured Performance Race Art before, and have shown videos of them painting various Rossi replica helmets, including most recently the Chicken Helmet, but this is a video of them getting to grips with Rossi’s Donkey Helmet design from Misano 2009. Check it out.

Rossi’s Chicken Helmet painted by Performance Race Art

Awesome video of those guys at PERFORMANCE RACE ART creating a replica of Valentino Rossi’s Chicken Helmet from 2009.

PRA paint a Rossi Misano Replica Helmet

Another great video from Performance Race Art showing them re-creating Valentino Rossi’s 2008 Misano helmet.