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Valentino Rossi MotoGP helmets and where to buy them:

Good news for fans of ‘The Doctor’ – AGV, Valentino Rossi’s helmet manufacturer, have a large range of replica helmets for motorcycle riders that are suitable for everyday road use, or track days…so it isn’t too hard to pick up a great looking Valentino Rossi helmet.

This is a catalog of Valentino Rossi helmets for sale. We strive to aggregate all the best Valentino Rossi helmets currently available to buy and show you where to get them at the best prices, from official and trusted online shops.

We’ve pulled together a list of all the replicas currently out there on the market, and have provided links to the best places to buy them online. All the stores we link to are tested partners and official stockists of Valentino Rossi helmets. Most support free delivery and courier delivery and all will ship orders worldwide. Click on each helmet to find out more about it.

Check out the latest Valentino Rossi helmets to buy:

Older models:

This section collects together some of the older models and ranges. Some of these are discontinued, but you can still find the odd one available at the links we have provided, we have left them here in order to provide a more complete directory of ‘The Doctor’s’ helmets, plus its cool to browse a few of them and check out the designs. Enjoy!

Older Valentino Rossi helmets:

FAQs and tips for buying a Valentino Rossi helmet:

I’m on a budget, do I have to spend a lot of money to buy a Valentino Rossi helmet?: No, not anymore. Buying an official Valentino Rossi helmet used to be very expensive as they were usually released in limited edition numbers in the premium AGV helmet ranges. AGV have now started releasing Valentino Rossi replica helmets in the bestselling AGV K3 range which are very reasonably priced and can usually be picked up at around £/$ 200.

Do they come with official sponsorship logos?: Most Valentino Rossi replicas do not come with all the sponsorship logos. What you get is the exact helmet design for each replica helmet that Valentino originally wore, but if you want to add your own logos for an even more authentic look then you can pick them up very cheaply and add them yourself (check out Amazon)

I want to buy a Valentino Rossi helmet, where do I start?: First make a decision on what you want it for – is it for everyday road use or will you be using the helmet for more performance based riding, such as track days. If you are simply looking for an everyday helmet with great Rossi graphics then we’d suggest considering the K3 SV range as a starting point. If you are looking to race or do track days on a regular basis, then you should consider the more premium ranges like the Pista GP or the Corsa, as these are helmets that have been developed in conjunction with MotoGP racers like Valentino Rossi and they have many features that only really come into play at high speed.

Are the limited editions an investment?: The Limited Editions usually retain their value pretty well as they come nicely packaged with thought and consideration given to the presentation and packaging. Valentino Rossi limited edition replica helmets usually sell out very quickly and they usually increase in value as soon as all the stock is sold, which makes them extremely good investments pieces for collectors or sensible investors that want to hold their purchase for a degree of time before selling them on at a profit. Obviously if you wear it then it will affect the value, and buying second hand helmets is never a great idea anyway, so you will be reducing the price you can get for it. That said, if you have the money to spend on a limited edition and you look after the purchase then you won’t be short of potential buyers, and eBay can get very competitive with plenty of bidders for older and discontinued limited editions. Demand is only likely to increase when Valentino retires from racing also.