Valentino Rossi ‘Sweet Home Misano’ helmet 2016

Valentino Rossi 'Sweet Home Misano' helmet 2016

Valentino Rossi 'Sweet Home Misano' helmet 2016

Valentino Rossi’s special helmet design for the 2016 Misano MotoGP has been revealed today and it features a tribute to one of Valentino Rossi’s favorite films – The Blues Brothers.

Rossi and Uccio both feature on the front of the helmet dressed as the iconic Blues Brothers, and the words ‘Sweet Home Misano’ is written in large letters above them – this is a play on words with the Blues Brothers song ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ from the film. The side of the helmet also features the police car from the film.

On the rear Valentino Rossi’s cartoon dogs and cat are also dressed as Blues Brothers.

Check out the photos here of Valentino Rossi’s 2016 Misano helmet:

Valentino Rossi 'Sweet Home Misano' helmet 2016

Valentino Rossi 'Sweet Home Misano' helmet 2016

Rossi ad Uccio as The Blues Brothers

valentino rossi blues brothers

Amazing Valentino Rossi ‘Shark’ motorcycle paint-job

Valentino Rossi Shark Bike

Remember the Shark helmet design that Valentino Rossi wore for the 2015 Misano MotoGP race – well someone has taken that design and applied to their entire motorcycle. And it has turned out really well – you have to admire the creative mind that came up with this, plus the execution is perfect.

The original helmet was created to signify the pressure that Valentino Rossi was under at Misano and Valentino stated that it symbolised the fact that he was a target for all other riders to beat given that it was his home race. On the original design Rossi was portrayed as a cartoon yellow fish being hunted down by a large blue shark.

In reality most people assumed the design signified Rossi’s slight lead in the Championship over Jorge Lorenzo who was the shark closing in on the fish of Rossi.

Anyway, back to the bike – this is an incredible paint job that features the Shark on the main tank of the motorcycle and the fish is placed on the front mud-guard.

This is one amazing custom paint-job for a motorcycle.

Valentino Rossi Shark Bike

Valentino Rossi VR46 Monster Energy Sponsors Baseball Cap Official 2016 (Yellow)

Valentino Rossi 2016 yellow cap
Valentino Rossi 2016 yellow cap

Right, this is going straight into our shopping basket – this is the new Valentino Rossi MotoGP baseball cap in yellow.

This is the new version of Rossi’s baseball cap that he first wore during the tense pre-season race conference, where Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez all came face-to-face for the first time since the dramatic events at the end of the 2015 MotoGP season, and it was met with huge approval from fans who went straight to twitter to ask where they could buy one.

The hat attracted a lot of attention – probably because pretty much the entire cap is in bright yellow (aside from the sponsor logos), making it a very eye-catching piece of merchandise..

Valentino Rossi press conference

The good news is that this cap is now available on general sale for you to buy online (we have provided links below).

The cap is bright yellow all over, aside from under the peak which is black with a small. The green Monster Energy logo sits at the front, and there is a small black VR46 logo stitched into the left-hand side of the peak. The sides features the number ’46’ and the Yamaha logos. Very nice indeed.

Official Description:
Valentino Rossi VR46 Dual Monster Energy Monza Replica Cap Official, part of this season’s Dual Monster Energy range. Sponsor cap of 2016 Moto GP season, which Vale wears every time he appears on TV. It’s in chin cotton. The front size shows an embroidered Monster claw and a little VR46 on the peak. On both sides a number 46 and Yamaha graphic. This item is perfect for any Rossi fans wanting to show their support this season!

Image gallery of the new Valentino Rossi yellow MotoGP cap:

Okay, so where can you buy this new Valentino Rossi hat? Check the links below to see where it is available and in stock:

Check out the Valentino Rossi 2016 Yellow MotoGP cap at Amazon
Check out the Valentino Rossi 2016 Yellow MotoGP cap at

Yellow Mugello goes up in smoke for Valentino Rossi

rossi 46

rossi 46

Every year at the Mugello MotoGP the crowd is decked out in yellow and they show their support for their local hero Valentino Rossi by letting off yellow smoke bombs. Plumes of yellow can be seen billowing from most of the stands around the iconic Italian circuit on race day.

But it was smnoke that signalled the end of Valentino Rossi’s dream of winning at Mugello for the first time since 2008. The Doctor suffered an engine failure on lap 9 which saw his Yamaha M1 engulfed in smoke forcing him to retire from the race. This is Rossi’s second DNF of the 2016 season.

Here is what Valentino had to say about the incident: “In English they say ‘shit happens’!”

“It’s a great shame, because it’s always a pity when you have a problem with the bike in the race, but here even more so because it was in Mugello in front of all the crowd. I was very competitive in the race and very fast, I had a good start and I was there. I think I could have fought for the victory because I had a very good feeling and a strong pace. It’s also a great shame because this zero points score for the championship weighs very heavily. Lorenzo and Marquez finished first and second, so now the distance is hard, but it’s like this. The positive thing is that I was competitive over the whole weekend and I was strong. I could have fought for the victory, so now we wait for the next race in Montmeló. Catalunya is one of my favourite tracks, I like to race there a lot, so I think we will have a good potential, but now we have to wait ten days and after that we will see.”

Valentino Rossi’s 2016 Mugello helmet ‘Mugiallo’

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet

Here we go……Valentino Rossi has now revealed his special hemet design for the 2016 MotoGP. Rossi revealed the design for the Saturday morning FP3 session.

The helmet is bright yellow and features the Mugello track on the top and the words ‘Mugiallo’ written in black text around the front.

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet

‘Giallo’ is Italian for yellow, and the helmet is designed as a tribute to the Mugello circuit, which features as an image on the top of the helmet. The text which reads ‘Mugiallo’ is a play on words that basically combines ‘Mugello’ with ‘Yellow – a tribute to the fans that screams out ‘Mugello is yellow’. And if you take one look at the crowds there, then it is hard to disagree with that statement and this helmet design pays a huge tribute to the “Popolo Giallo” (the Yellow crowd) that swarm on Mugello every year to support Valentino.

‘Giallo’ is also an Italian genre of literature and film, usually involving supernatural plots, horror elements, mystery, and twists and turns – a metaphor perhaps for the Mugello track itself? We’ll find out soon enough.

The helmet also features some of Rossi’s usual icons, such as a cartoon of his two bulldogs, Cesare and Cecilia, and his cat, Rossano on the rear of the helmet. The Italian flag is on either side of the chin.

The helmet was designed by Aldo Drudi.

Check out the photos of Valentino Rossi 2016 Mugello helmet here:

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet

rossi mugello helmetValentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet 'Mugiallo'

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet 'Mugiallo'

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet 'Mugiallo'

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet 'Mugiallo'

Valentino Rossi's 2016 Mugello helmet 'Mugiallo'

Valentino Rossi looks ahead to Mugello 2016

rossi valentino

rossi valentino

The Mugello MotoGP is just around the corner, and while we wait to see what special helmet design Valentino Rossi has in store for the fans, Rossi is expressing confidence that he can be competitive in the latest press release from Yamaha.

Fresh on the heels of the news that Maverick Vinales will be joining Valentino in a two year deal at the factory Yamaha team from 2017 and 2018, Vale stated that getting the Yamaha set-up right early in the weekend wil be key to success at Mugello.

Read what Valentio said below:

I love Mugello and its atmosphere. It’s very difficult for me to keep my concentration here because there are always so many of my friends and fans around, but the Mugello race is also special for me for that reason. I’ve had some victories here, many great battles and a lot of good memories. I think this year we can be competitive because our bike is good and I’m getting into a good shape. At the Le Mans GP we arrived late at achieving the right set up for the race, at Mugello we will not make this mistake again. After Le Mans I’m relaxed and now I’m ready to try to attain the maximum level of concentration for the Mugello GP.

Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi planning the 2016 Mugello helmet

valentino rossi mugello 2016

The Mugello MotoGP will soon be upon us, and by the looks of it Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi are already thinking about what eye-catching design they can come up with for Valentino’s helmet this year.

They have a tough job on their hands in making something better looking than last year’s reflective and beautiful ‘Yellow Energy‘ helmet.

Rossi and Drudi tweeted a photo showing them looking at come of Rossi’s recent Mugello helmet designs for inspirtaion, check it out below.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

valentino rossi mugello 2016

Check out all of Valentino Rossi’s Mugello helmets in our guide.

Valentino Rossi takes pole in Jerez

Valentino Rossi Jerez 2016

Valentino Rossi Jerez 2016

Valentino Rossi took his first pole position of the 2016 MotoGP season at Jerez today.

Rossi pushed hard towards the end of the Qualifying session to snatch pole away from Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo, who had previous been trading the pole between them. Lorenzo ended up in second place with Marquez taking third.

Valentino attributed his pole position to the progress that he and the Yamaha team are making with the new Michelin tyres.

Valentino said:

“We work a lot because last year we struggled too much during qualifying,” said Rossi. “This year with the Michelins I feel better and we started twice on the front row already, but pole position is different – especially here in Jerez.

“I know that I can be competitive but in these past races, we had some problems, I did the mistake in Austin, so we didn’t take what we expect. So we have to go to start now.

“For sure tomorrow will be very very hard with Lorenzo and Marquez, but we are there. We can fight.”

“At the end, starting from pole position is important – but it’s nothing,” he added. “The race will be tomorrow and it will be very difficult.

“I think Marquez and Lorenzo will have great pace. But we work very well from yesterday morning, I feel good with the bike, and I think we can fight.”

Valentino Rossi AGV Pista GP Winter Test Snowman helmet

Valentino Rossi AGV Pista GP Winter test Snowman helmet

Valentino Rossi AGV Pista GP Winter test Snowman helmet

It’s here! AGV have made the Valentino Rossi 2016 Winter Test Snowman helmet available as a limited edition in their premium AGV Pista GP range

Valentino Rossi often uses the pre-season MotoGP tests to reveal a new helmet design – and the designs are usually tongue in cheek or laced with humor. In 2015 Rossi had a helmet that was designed to look like a woolly hat which was intended as a joke about having MotoGP winter tests at Sepang in Malaysia which is pretty much always hot and humid….far removed from anyone’s definition of ‘winter’.

In 2016 Rossi did the same again and he showed up at Sepang with a new helmet design that featured a snowman in a yellow Yamaha hat and scarf. Rossi then wore the same design at the following testing session in Qatar leadng up to the opening race of the 216 season.

Valentino Rossi Qatar test 2016

The snowman design was an instant hit, so it is no surprise that AGV are making it available as a limited edition.

AGV Pista GP Valentino Rossi Snowman helmet:
The AGV Pista GP is the premium race helmet made by AGV. It is a full carbon fibre helmet that has been specifically designed for racing and is currently used by MotoGP riders like Valentino Rossi, Stefan Bradl, Jack Miller, Andrea Iannone and more. This helmet is the result of the AGV Extreme Standards Helmets project; this has made it one of the most innovative helmets seen on the market for many years.

It was designed, developed and tested by AGV and Valentino Rossi himself with one single aim; to create a helmet that offers the ultimate protection for racing. Using Finite Elements Analysis (FEM) enabled developers to reach previously unseen standards in terms of protection, comfort and ergonomics. The new integrated Ventilation system (IVS) provides an improved airflow of over 193% compared to its predecessor the GP-Tech. The addition of the rear spoiler and a smaller frontal section has maximised high speed aerodynamic performance. The helmets visor has a front micro-lock system that reduces the risk of opening in the event of a crash, it has a 15 degree larger peripheral vision for optimised vision whilst in the tucked position, and the visor mechanism is 71% smaller than its predecessor.

  • Limited edition replica
  • Includes scarf and hat
  • Full carbon fibre construction
  • 4 shell sizes
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System)
  • Breathable Lycra micro-porous lining and Dry-comfort fabric
  • Fully removable and washable inner liners
  • Pinlock ready Race 2 flat, non-scratch visor
  • Pinlock visor insert comes as standard
  • Unique rear diffuser
  • XQRS (in metal) shield replacement without tools
  • Visor tear-off system
  • Double D retention system
  • ECE 2205, AS/NZS, JIS, ECE/DOT certification
  • ACU Gold approved

Image Gallery of the Valentino Rossi AGV Pista Snowman Winter Test helmet:

One more thing to add – all those that buy this exclusive limited edition AGV Valentino Rossi helmet will also find a scarf and hat, the same as the snowman is wearing on the graphics, included in the box.

Where to buy the Valentino Rossi AGV Pista Snowman helmet:

Get the Valentino Rossi Snowman AGV Pista GP Helmet from (US based, ship globally)
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Valentino Rossi’s Misano helmets in pictures

Valentino Rossi at Misano

Valentino Rossi at Misano

Valentino Rossi has a long-running relationship with Mugello, the Italian track located in the Tuscan hills which for a long time was Valentino’s home race. The Italian fans would come to Mugello in their thousands to see Valentino race.

Whilst Mugello still remains a crucial track for Valentino Rossi, there is another track which appeared on the MotoGP calander in 2007 that has a special place in Rossi’s heart – the ‘Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli‘.

This track is located in Misano Adriatico (in the Province of Rimini) and it is just a few miles from Valentino’s home town of Tavullia, and if there ever was a home race for Valentino then this is it. Members of Rossi’s fanclub walk from Tavullia to the circuit in a a big yellow procession on raceday, and the local priests in Tavullia even ring the bells when Valentino wins.

The circuit also has extra-special significance since it was renamed in 2012 from ‘Misano World Circuit‘ to ‘Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli‘ in tribute to local racer, and close friend of Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli.

Rossi has used the Misano MotoGP to reveal some of his most famous helmet designs, and some of his most personal ones. You can see all the special helmets that Valentino Rossi has used for the Misano MotoGP since 2007 below.

The Circuit:
The circuit itself was built in 1969 and has gone through a number of changes since it was opened, and during its history races have been held in anti-clockwise and clockwise directions around the circuit (MotoGP races are currently held in a clockwise direction). In the 1990s the track length was extended to 2.53 miles.

Valentino Rossi’s Misano helmets:
You know a track is important to Valentino Rossi when he has a special helmet made for the occasion each year. In 2007 Valentino suffered an engine failure meaning he couldn’t play any meaningful role in the race, but in 2008 he returned with a a custom helmet to celebrate the circuit and has had a special Misano design created for the race every year since.

His first helmet design was known as ‘My House’ and it showed a cartoon house on the helmet that was supposed to represent Vale’s home. It was full of small details like the number 46 above the front door, and Sun and Moon windchimes hanging above the window at the back of the helmet. As always, Valentino creates all his special Misano helmet designs with Aldo Drudi.

Valentino Rossi Misano 2008 My House helmet

Since 2008 Valentino has often used the Misano MotoGP as the backdrop for some of his most memorable helmets – in 2009 after crasing out at the Indianapolis MotoGP in the previous round Rossi returned to Misano with a giant donkey on his helmet to poke fun at his mistake. Rossi also used Misano to pay tribute to his fallen friend Marco Simoncelli in 2013 with the beautiful ‘Wish You Were Here‘ helmet which used artwork from Pink Floyd’s album of the same name.

Other crowd-pleasing helmets from Misano have included the WTF! helmet, which showed Rossi’s mindset during his difficult time at Ducato when he was struggling to be competitive on the Desmosedici, or the ‘Watch out for Sharks‘ helmet from 2015.

Valentino Rossi Misano MotoGP 2015
All Valentino Rossi’s Misano helmets: