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The ‘Faces’ helmet design was first used by Rossi during the 2010 MotoGP season at Laguna Seca and it features faces of all those people who have been important to Valentino Rossi uring his distinguised MotoGP career.

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Valentino Rossi vents frustration after poor Qatar performance

Valentino Rossi Qatar 2012

Valentino Rossi had a terrible start to the 2012 MotoGP season at Qatar – after hinting that there might be some set-up tweaks that would slightly improve performance on the night, Rossi went on to finish in 10th position and over 33 seconds behind race winner Jorge Lorenzo.

In a post race interview with Sportmediaset, Rossi vented some of his frustration in what could only have been described as a calm and controlled outburst.

Rossi said:
“We ran out of hope last season. When Barbera passed me, with a hard move that pushed me into the runoff area, he had only one objective: getting in front of me. The actual race position didn’t matter. I even thought about pulling into the pits and finishing my race there, but I kept going only out of respect for my team members, and to collect useful data.”

Rossi then went on to critise Ducati by saying:
“Ducati didn’t follow the direction that I indicated, but I’m not an engineer and I can’t solve every problem. It wouldn’t have changed much to finish sixth. This certainly isn’t an appealing result for me, and I’m aiming at least for the podium. I’m not able to ride the bike as I like. I’m faster on used tires than on new. The rear is pushing a lot, and things only improve slightly when the tires start to slide. I have no confidence, and I can’t even get ahead of Hayden, who gave everything he had to finish 28 seconds behind the leader. The problems with the bike haven’t changed, and neither have my requests. It’s unrideable, and it doesn’t make much difference what track we are on. I’m not able to enter the corners hard on the brakes, and we can’t hope the situation will change completely with the new Bridgestone tires. These aren’t problems you can solve with setup alone.”

The official Ducati press release was a lot more ‘neutral’:
“Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time in the beginning because when I had new tyres with good grip, the rear pushed a lot, making it very difficult under braking. Then Barbera pushed me off the track and I lost five or six seconds. Otherwise, I could have stayed with that group. As the tyre became used and began to slide, I started to ride a bit better and to do better times, to the point that I matched my best time on the last lap. By that point though, it didn’t count for much.”

Valentino Rossi pleased with set-up in Jerez

Rossi Jerez Test

Valentino Rossi completed the final 2012 MotoGP test at Jerez, and despite a disappointing start to the weekend, the Italian managed to finish in 6th position by the final day.

Valentino Rossi (Ducati Team) 6th, 1:39.733 (90 laps)
“Today went much better than Friday, and I’m pleased… we’re pleased. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes at Sepang 2 chasing a bad setup, and we paid for that a bit on Friday because we started from that base. Then Saturday’s rain cost us an entire day, but today we finally worked well all day long. Step by step, we arrived at our current potential: I’m sixth, and I did a 1:39.7, which is a good time considering that we’ve only really ridden this bike for six or seven days. We changed the setup, first the rear and then the front, and now I enter the corners pretty well again. I’m able to lean and I can ‘risk’ a bit more. Although we know very well that we still have a long road ahead, if we look at the gap to the front we can say we’re ready for the first race.”

Valentino Rossi launches the AGV PistaGP Helmet

Valentino Rossi AGV PistaGP Helmet

AGV have now given a name, and released technical specifications, for the new helmet design that Valentino Rossi wore for the recent MotoGP test at Jerez. Rossi first gave the world a peep at the new helmet at the Sepang test by doing a few laps wearing the AGV prototype. At that time the helmet was just referred to as ‘Project 46’, but now AGV have released information on the new lid, and Rossi wore it for the duration of the testing sessions in Jerez.

The new design is called the “AGV PistaGP” – and it was designed around the rider’s head from the inside-out. So what does that mean? It means that they used lasers to scan Rossi’s head and face and constructed the PistaGP inside to the outside (as opposed to starting with the helmet shell).

AGV said: “instead of drawing the helmet starting with the exterior shell, using a laser scan, the AGV Standards project starts with the rider’s head, whose measurements are converted into a digital format.

“These measurements are used to design the helmet, from the inside to the outside, adopting state-of-the-art digital design technologies based on CAE/CAD methods. The structural components of the helmet are designed to obtain the required performances, minimizing measurements and weights. The helmet is therefore lighter and more compact than previous ones while offering better protection, ergonomics and comfort.”

The video below shows the scanning and construction process that AGV use as part of their ‘AGV Standards’ programme:

Valentino Rossi says:
“I am very happy with the PistaGP, it feels like I am not wearing a helmet. Its aerodynamics have increased, with excellent ventilation and exaggerated visibility, like switching from the TV to the cinema.”

Lino Dainese (President of Dainese and AGV) says:
“I consider the PistaGP helmet a tribute to Gino Amisano, an entrepreneur I admired for his ability to innovate, the records he achieved, and the competitive spirit with which he faced every challenge.

“The new helmet is part of the AGV Standards project, which, in line with the qualities established by Amisano, revolutionises the way helmets are designed, setting new records for protection and ergonomics that are clearly evident. The next generation helmets arising from this project are intended to place AGV, once again, in a leading market position with its technology.”

Image Gallery (click to enlarge):

AGV PistaGP Helmet Technical Detail:

  • The residual impact force transmitted to the head is reduced by 36% compared to the limit established by ECE regulations.
  • The HIC index is 48% below the limit established by ECE regulations.
  • The basic visor movement area has been reduced by 71% compared to the GP-Tech helmet. This allows use of the space saved to increase the thickness of the absorption material, benefitting safety.
  • The visor is Class 1 optical standard approved for excellent vision.
  • The field of vision is 15° wider and the overall visor window area has increased by 9% compared to the previous helmet, without compromising its level of protection.
  • The Z-Lift index has been reduced by 44% after wind tunnel tests.
  • The air intakes have almost tripled in size, whereas the entire ventilation system of the PistaGP helmet removes heat and moisture very efficiently. The padding has a 3D concave structure, which is pre- shaped according to the morphological characteristics of the head, while the surfaces in direct contact with the head are free from stitching for guaranteed comfort.
  • The fit of the PistaGP helmet, covered by three patents, provides an extraordinary high level of comfort and adaptability to different shapes, unknown up to now.

New – Valentino Rossi Dainese VR 46 Leather Jacket

Valentino Rossi Dainese VR 46 Leather Jacket
Dainese have just started taking orders for the brand new Valentino Rossi VR46 Leather bikers jacket. FIND OUT MORE

The jacket is reminiscent of the leathers that Valentino Rossi wore in his first test session when he switched from Yamaha to Ducati.

The leather jacket is black, with a bold double yellow stripe up the middle and Rossi’s #46 on the rear. The ‘VR46’ motif also feature in the front of the jacket.

The jacket is released in April – but you can place your order now – FIND OUT MORE

Here is the official description:
Dainese VR46 Leather Jacket

Dedicated to Valentino Rossi and his enormous talent, this jacket is inspired by his endearing personality and characterized by the yellow color that has always accompanied Valentino on his countless exploits. Constructed in 1.2 mm thick cowhide leather with inserts in S1 elasticated fabric for excellent ergonomics and featuring co-injected protectors with aluminum inserts on the shoulders, the VR46 Pelle jacket is designed for the Tavullia legend’s most sports-minded fans.


  • Composite protectors certified to EN1621.1/97 Standard
  • Co-injected shoulder with aluminium insert

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Inserts in elasticated fabric
  • Elasticated inserts
  • Collar with elasticated insert
  • Waist adjustment
  • Jacket-trousers fastening system
  • Air vents on chest and sides
  • Sanitized® lining


  • Pocket for G1 and G2 back protector
  • Reflective inserts
  • Soft inserts
  • 2 outside pockets
  • Internal pocket

More Images:

Where to buy the Dainese VR46 Leather Jacket:

Get it from for $699.95 . BUY IT HERE

Dainese VR 46 Jacket

Valentino Rossi’s new AGV prototype helmet at Sepang

valentino rossi agv prototype helmet

As well as getting to test his new Ducati GP12 at Sepang, Valentino Rossi also got the chance to test out a vicious looking prototype AGV helmet.

Rossi wore the helmet on Day 1 of the Sepang test before reverting to his ‘Marco Simoncelli Tribute Helmet‘ later on in the test.

The new AGV prototype helmet, which we will nickname ’46 Project’, as that was written down the side, was completely black, with an extended spoiler on the rear, that is presumably designed to help with aerodynamics and ensuring that wind resistance is more effectively passed over the rider. The visor looked wider, and the chin of the helmet also looked more aggressive and shaped.

When trying the new prototype helmet on, it is reported that Rossi said: “wow, it’s like being at the movies!”

More images:

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Valentino Rossi to feature a permanent tribute to Simoncelli on his 2012 race helmet

Rossi Simoncelli Helmet

Valentino Rossi has announced that he will feature a permanent tribute to Marco Simoncelli on his 2012 MotoGP race helmet – likely to be a #58 positioned somewhere on the helmet.

In a live webcast arranged by Dainese, Valentino Rossi stated that he will likely wear the Marco Simoncelli Tribute Helmet (that he wore for the final race at Valencia of 2011) in the 2012 pre-season testing sessions. The design featured the distinctive red and white stripes of Simoncelli’s helmet at the front, with Rossi’s regular ‘Elements’ design at the rear. Read more on Valentino Rossi’s Marco Simoncelli Helmet from the 2011 Valencia race.

After the testing sessions are over, Rossi indicated that he would revert to his regular helmet design, but with an additional tribute to the memory of Marco Simoncelli – likely to be a number 58 positioned on the helmet.

Valentino Rossi said:
”I will continue to use a helmet that is dedicated to Simoncelli, at leat during winter test. It looks great. I think next season I will use the usual design of my helmet, but I’ll add something to remember him, #58,”.

Watch the full Dainese / Valentino Rossi interview

Valentino Rossi AGV Elements helmet now available at Amazon

Valentino Rossi AGV Elements helmet

US and UK shoppers will be pleased to know that the AGV GP-Tech Valentino Rossi Elements helmet has now been made available via and

The Elements helmet is the same design that Valentino Rossi has worn for his debut season on Ducati (2011) and will be the same design that he will wear for the 2012 season – with an added #58 sticker placed on the helmet somewhere in tribute to Marco Simoncelli.

Where To Buy It

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