Valentino Rossi Pista GP Helmet

AGV Pista GP Valentino Rossi ‘Project 46’ helmet

Valentino Rossi Pista GP Helmet

Now this is a bad-ass looking Valentino Rossi replica. This is the AGV Pista GP ‘Project 46’ helmet and it is the same lid that Rossi first wore during the first testing session on the Ducati in 2012.

It was nicknamed ‘Project 46’ as the helmet didn’t officially have a name as it was a brand new premium model that AGV were developing as the replacement for the GP-Tech model. It has since gone on to become the default race helmet model for many professional racers who ride with AGV helmets, including Valentino Rossi.

This helmet was a bit of a departure from the usual helmet designs that Valentino sometimes has created for MotoGP testing sessions – for example, there are no Sun and Moon motifs that are usually associated with Valentino Rossi helmet designs. In fact the only real indication that this is a Valentino Rossi helmet is the yellow 46 on either side of the chin.

Official launch video of the AGV Pista GP:

The helmet design has a real prototype feel to it and it is labelled with various markings and notes that detail some of the features and the improvements that the Pista GP has over other models, for example ‘air flow +193%‘ is written just above the visor.

AGV Pista GP Valentino Rossi 'Project 46' helmet
Official Description for the AGV Pista:

The Pista GP is the revolutionary new top of the range model. Developed in collaboration with Valentino Rossi and other riders from the World Championship Series, the Pista GP sets new standards in terms of protection and ergonomics and is the benchmark for professional race helmets. The carbon fibre shell and the EPS internal components were optimised using FEM techniques (Finite Elements Analysis) to obtain an extremely high performance helmet in terms of size, light weight and protection. The result is a helmet that is significantly superior than the limits set by ECE standards and that weighs just 1275 g (refers to MS size in the ECE 2205 version).

The entire ventilation system was designed using computational fluid dynamic modelling and wind tunnel tests. This helmet is highly efficient at removing heat and moisture from the rider’s head. Thanks to its large rear spoiler, the Pista GP boasts first class performance in terms of aerodynamic penetration and high speed stability. Overall, the visor aperture is 9% bigger meaning a 15° improvement in vision which obviously enhances the active safety factor.

The fit of the Pista GP was developed using “Human Engineering” whereby the design starts from the surfaces in contact with the wearer’s head. The inside of the helmet starts with a concave 3D structure that is pre-shaped to match the contours of the rider’s head and any surfaces in contact with the head are stitch-free. The Lycra® and Shalimar® sanitized internal components are fully adjustable due to the fact that the position and depth of the crown pad can be modified as can the thickness of the cheek pads. The combination of these solutions, which are covered by three separate patents, make the Pista GP fit the different cranial shapes as never before.


General features: Sizes | cm (ECE 2205): XS | 53-54; S | 55-56; MS | 57-58; ML | 59-60; L | 60-61; XL | 61-62; XXL | 63-64

-Pay attention: the helmet comes with clear visor only. Other visors are sold separately.
-New visor mechanism in metal with swivel opening. Rapid visor release system requiring no tools and allowing the visor to be removed and replaced in seconds
-Visor Lock System (VLS) that reduces the risk of accidental opening in the event of an accident. The visor meets Class 1 optical standards with a thickness up to 3.3 mm

Exterior and interior shell
-Inner EPS shell in 4 sizes
-External shell in CA (100% Carbon fiber) in 4 sizes
-Interiors Inside paddings: completely removable and washable
-Breathable, micro-perforated Lycra® crown pad with concave 3D structure that is pre-shaped in a single piece moulded around the contours of the rider’s head thanks to Rabbit System
-3D Shalimar® cheek pads with multi-density foam. Inner liners covered by three patents. Possibility to customize cheek pads fit with the removable foam inserts.

-Ventilation system designed and optimised in a wind tunnel, comprising 4 front vents (3 at the front and one on the chin guard) and 2 rear extractors
-IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with large air ducts hollowed into the shell and vents which direct air to the rider’s head
-Air intakes with protective metal frames and mesh are in the “always open” position. Racing plugs are available for bad weather
-Large rear spoiler optimised in a wind tunnel to maximise aerodynamic performance and ventilation, even at high speed. Spoiler designed to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase passive safety

Retention system:
-Double D

-Weight (ECE2205): 1275 g (+/- 50g) in MS size

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